High Accuracy LONN-2SX Small Pressure Transmitter

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LONN-2SX Smaall Pressure Transmittter Introduction:

LONN-2SX small pressure transmitter adopts the high-accuracy and high-stability force sensitive chip with stainless steel isolation diaphragm to realize temperature and linear compensation, signal amplification, V/I switch, inverse polarity protection, and current limiting when pressure overloaded through laser resistor trimming and advanced thick-film technology. It outputs industry-standard 4-20mA or 0-5V signal.

Field of application:

It can be used to measure the pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure of corrosive gases, liquids and steam in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and environmental protection. It can also be used to measure the pressure under low vacuum, atmospheric pressure and harsh environment.

Product Feactures:

High accuracy and reliability with Germany-made chip

Use of 316L isolation diaphragm and stainless steel case

General precision: 0.25 grade, customized 0.1 grade is available

Multiple process interfaces and electrical interfaces are available for selection

Multiple pressure types are available for selection

In-built advanced anti-interference and surge protection circuit

Small size and low cost and easy for installation