Xi'an Lonn M&E Equipment Co., Ltd service system:

1st, The after-sale service is in the charge of sales department of our company, aided by the native office of the complaint.

2nd, basic principles of the after-sale management:

1. Client must be first.

2. Laws, regulations and certain rules must be conformed to. Besides, facts must be based upon.

3. The overall image of RON must be strictly preserved.

3rd, after-sale service:

1. All the products of our company are included in the limited warranty.

a. As for products like piezometers, only those with certificate of qualification are included in the limited warranty.

b. The warranty is invalid beyond eighteen (18) months after products like piezometers are recieved by Buyer. If the product is with one of the quality problems, choices of contract repairing, replacement or return are available.

(a) The indicator of the pedometer cannot return to zero.

(b) The temperature indicated by the thermometer is wrong.

(c) The customized product doesn’t concord with the customer’s requirements.

2. All replacements or repairs necessitated by inadequate maintenance, normal wear and usage, unsuitable power sources or environmental conditions, accident, misuse, improper installation, modification, repair, use of unauthorized replacement parts, storage or handling, or any other cause not the fault of Seller are not covered by the limited warranty, and shall be at Buyer’s expense.

a. Seller shall not be obligated to pay any costs or charges incurred by Buyer or any other party except as may be agreed upon in writing in advance by Seller.

b. Goods repaired and parts replaced by Seller during the warranty period shall be in warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period or ninety (90) days, whichever is longer.

c. This  limited  warranty  is  the  only  warranty  made  by  Seller  and  can  be  amended  only  in  a  writing  signed  by  Seller.

3. The processing diagram of after-sale services:



                 Principal of the office

                      ↓ ( unsolved)

                 Sales department

                      ↓ ( unsolved)

          General manager

                      ↓ ( unsolved)

          Customers’ association


                  Legal adviser


                  Legal arbitration

4. Other regulations

a. After-sale service management system and tracing system are carried out. Archives of customers are established.

b. Generally speaking, customers’ complaints are dealt with within 4 hours and solved within 48 hours. The mailbox for complaint is: ranbenfang@126.com.

c. The customer complaint department should fill in the monthly Analysis and Summary Table of customers’ complaints, propose some solutions and timely report the situation to group leaders.

d. Products of repairing, return or replacement must be properly solved according to the customer’s demand within mutually agreed-upon dates. As for dissatisfaction and disputes caused by repairing, replacement and return of products delayed or deviant from the customer’s demand, coordination between managers of product department and sales department should be made to solve the problems immediately.

4th, transaction details:

1. Types of payment

a. Payment Terms: TT, LC, OA, DDU, and DDP.

b. Multiple means of foreign exchange (nine types): US dollars, yens, and Australian dollars.

2. Special services

a. OEM and ODM are available according to your demand.

b. One-step product integration is provided. RON can bring you with faith,fortune and homelike affection in China.

3. Logistics service

a. You can choose logistics as you like.

b. One-stop logistics are provided to save money for you, including air transportation, land transportation and sea transportation.

4. Responsibility for the quality of products in advance

Responsibility for the quality of products are carried out. If the product needs to be returned for some quality problems, either the product department or the sales department should take the responsibility in advance. Products which lead to personal of property damages to customers must be dealt with in advance. Afterwards, the sales department will claim compensation from producers who are responsible or other salespeople.

5. Processing in a limited period

Customers’ demand for repairing, return or replacement of products must be replied and dealt with immediately by the company. No delay is allowed.