LONN600-2 Coriolis Online Concentration Meter/Density Meter/Mass Flow Meter

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Density Meter Introduction:

LONN600-2 coriolis online density meter can calculate the density of the liquid according to the relations of Coriolis force and density. And the concentration is calculated based on the density and temperature. As it uses the glass materials with special mechanical properties, the result is stable and precise, without the sensor drift. lt is especially suitable for the working conditions of unclean or high viscosity and for the pipeline installation.

Typical applications:

ln the petrochemical industry it can be widely used in oil refining, oil detection; ln food industry, it can be used for sugar, vegetable oil and  beverage processing production, also for weak acid solution measurement of paper making and chemical industry, wine, salt, printing and dyeing and other industries. 

Technical data:

1. Output: 4~20mA

2. Power: 24VDC

3. Concentration range: 0-100%, other range is customizable

4. Density range: 0-3g/ml, other range is customizable

5. Concentration accuracy: 0.5% ,Resolution: 0.1%, Repeatability: 0.2%

6. Density accuracy: 0.002g/ml, Resolution: 0.0001g/ml, Repeatability: 0.0005g/ml

7. Flow accuracy: 0.3%, Resolution: 0.001t/h, Repeatability: 0.003t/h

8. Medium viscosity: less than 1500mpa·s

9. Working Pressure: less than 1Mpa

10. Medium temperature: 0-60℃ (liquid) , ambient temperature: -40-85℃

11. Explosion-proof: intrinsicsafetyExiall BT4

Structure material: 

Component contacting liquid

Stainless steel 316L, heusler alloy C, zirconium 


IP65, aluminium alloy

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