LONN600-1 Intelligent Online Concentration Meter

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Density Meter Introduction:

Lonn600-1 intelligent online density meter adopts the stable propagationlaw of spectrum in liquid, samples by high-resolution spectrum sensing, analyzes by the arithmetic processing software, finds the concentration rule, then calculates the concentration of various liquids through  temperature  compensation.  The result is stable and reliable, unlike traditional differential pressure sensor which often drifts with time going on. This model is suitable for clean andlow viscosity liquids, such as: alcohol, weak acids, weak bases, salts, sugars, beverages, organic and inorganic solutions, etc. (It requires the refractive index is over 1.333)

Technical data:

1. Output: 4-20mA

2. Power: 24VDC

3. Concentration range: 0-70%, other range is customizable

4. Accuracy: 0.5%   Resolution: 0.2%

5. Medium temperature: 0~60℃

6. Working Pressure: less than 0.8Mpa

7. Medium viscosity: less than1500mpa·s

8. Explosion-proof: intrinsicsafety Exiall BT4

Structure material: 

Component contacting liquid

Stainless steel 316L, heusler alloy C, zirconium 


IP65, aluminium alloy

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