LONN600-4A Handheld Digital Density Meter, Portable Concentration Meter

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        LONN600-4A handheld tuning fork density / concentration meter is used to measure the density or concentration of the liquid medium in the tank or pipe. Density or concentration measurement is an important process control in production process. The portable density meter can be used as an indicator for other quality control parameters such as solid content or concentration. It can meet the requirements of measurement of density, concentration and solid content.

Density Meter Working principle

        LONN600-4A digital density / concentration meter, the sound frequency signal source is used to excite the metal tuning fork, and make the tuning fork vibrate freely at the central frequency, this frequency is related to the density of the contact liquid, so that the density of liquid can be measured by frequency analysis, then give temperature excursion to eliminate temperature excursion of the system. According to the corresponding relation of fluid density and concentration, the concentration value of below 20°C can be calculated.


        LONN600-4A handheld digital density meter can measure the liquid medium easily and fast. It can be simply used in these insdustrial field:Oil industry, Chemicals industry, Medicine industry, Food and beverage industry, Battery/electrolyte industry, etc.

The Density Performance


 ±0.003 g/cc

 ±3.0 kg/m3

Working range

 0~ 3 g/cc

 0~ 3000 kg/m3


 ±0.001 g/cc

 ±1 kg/m3

Process temperature effect (calibrated)

 ±0.0005 g/cc

 ±0.5 kg/m3

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