LONN 600-4 Tuning Fork Density Meter

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Density Meter Introduction:

The Lonn 600-4 tuning fork density meter is used to measure the density of liquid media in tanks and pipes. Density measurement is an important process control system in the product manufacturing process. Digital fork density meter can be used as an indicator of other quality control parameters such as solids content or concentration values. This fork density meter can meet a variety of measurement requirements on the density, concentration, and solid content.

Typical applications:

- Interface detection in the multi-product pipeline

- Petroleum retail channels

- Combined with volume flow meter for mass flow

- Malt wort proportion (wine-making)

- Serous fluid

- Acid / alkali concentration control

- Evaporator control

- Product mixture

- End-point detection in batch reactions

- Solvent separation

Density Meter performance: 

Accuracy 0.001g/cc 1.0kg/m3

Working range 

0 - 3g/cc

0 - 3000kg/m3




Process temperature effect (calibrated) 



Process pressure effect (calibrated) 


Temperature specification:

Process temperature

–10- 120 

Ambient temperature

–10- 85

Temperature coefficient


Built-in temperature sensor


Structure material: 

Component contacting liquid

Stainless steel 316L, heusler alloy C, zirconium 

Fork polishing

Standard, PFA coating or electropolishing


IP65, aluminium alloy

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