Importance of density in the industry

 Industry News    |      2018-08-02
Knowing the density of a liquid serves numerous purposes and can provide valuable information for making decisions. We can use either a hand-held density meter or insertion density meter to measure a liquids density.

You can use a liquids density to predict
Liquid density changes as ingredients change. A soft drink containing more sugar for example will have a different (higher) density than a diet soft drink. Sugar not only increases a liquid’s density but can also be inversely measured by knowing the liquids density in a given liquid solution. Therefore, the process of beverage production can be monitored through the change of density.

Density helps us better understand transported fluids
Moving fluids from point A to point B. Knowing the volume and the density helps determine the best way of transporting those fluids. As we use the online insert density meter, the measured density helps us to know the fluids situation when transporting.

Density helps set petroleum prices
Petroleum is used mostly by volume for the production of fuel, gasoline and other energy sources. Density is used in petroleum production to give an estimation of the gasoline or kerosene present thereby helping to determine the price of the gasoline, for example.

Density helps to the protection of water resources
In the process of wastewater treatment, the degree of wastewater treatment can be judged by the value of density, and whether the wastewater can reach the discharge standard after treatment can be judged.